BRAIN Group companies BRAIN AG, Biocatalysts Ltd and AnalytiCon Discovery will share booth 227 at this years Annual Meeting & Food Expo of the Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) on 2-5 June 2019.


Advanced Bioproducts for Market Differentiation

The BRAIN Group provides first-class research and development work, specialized production expertise and access to attractive markets. All companies act as self-sufficient entities yet interconnect to synergize in R&D and production in the fields of biotechnology and natural product chemistry. Product specific spin-offs of advanced development programs serve to provide marketing and commercialisation through involvement of external expertise and capital providers.

Based on both natural biodiversity and our BioArchive alike, we focus on three product categories for highly diverse applications – customized enzymes, bioactive natural compounds and high-performance microorganisms.

We offer:

  • an industry leading collection of natural and biological resources
  • a world class biotechnology toolkit overcoming single approach limitations
  • customized biological ingredients and off-the-shelf products

Healthier Food and Natural Product Preservation

BRAIN’s Nutrition & Health unit allies natural resources with an ingenious toolkit and the determination to deliver value. We develop and offer enzymes, natural ingredients and high-performance microorganisms.

We help customers worldwide to:

  • make food healthier by reducing sugar or salt while retaining sweetness or savour
  • make food tastier more efficiently by creating and enhancing natural flavours or masking off-tastes
  • maintain gut health by providing functional probiotics, avoiding antibiotics
  • reduce the perishability of foodstuffs thanks to the use of natural bioactive antimicrobials

We provide cost-effective innovations from hit identification to production, scale-up and supply.

More information on specific programs:

Healthier and Tastier Food

  • We reduce salt in processed food within SALT-E program
  • We reduce sugar in processed food within DOLCE program
  • We preserve food with natural bio­actives within FRESCO program
  • We maintain gut health with functional probiotics

Boosting Taste Sensation

  • We offer TRP-based bioactive candidates within TriP2Taste program.
  • We offer potency, efficacy and cross-selectivity measurement.
  • We offer validation and cross-check on human cell lines and other molecular targets.

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