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3 Fragen Huebner Koob

... research associates Julia Hübner and Verena Seeger

BRAIN: What are you currently working on?

Julia Hübner: Under BRAIN’s PerillicActive development programme, I have developed a number of assays that are used to determine the antimicrobial effectiveness of the natural active substances. Our research shows very good results both both for different applications. We are also working to optimise the soil bacterium we use as a production strain with the aim of increasing yields of active ingredients from perilla.

Verena Seeger: I’m also working on the PerillicActive development programme, preparing in-vivo application studies. Following an extensive development phase in the laboratory, I have developed cosmetic formulations that are suitable for application on specific skin areas, which have already been tested by an internal panel. The effectiveness of active perilla ingredients will also be judged in an independent external study, which I am helping to prepare.

BRAIN: What is so appealing for you working on this project?

Julia Hübner: I’m examining the effects of the active perilla ingredients, testing PerillicActive applications in terms of their effectiveness and durability, and optimising the production of active ingredients. My work is exciting and unites different fields such as microbiology, molecular biology and bioprocessing technology. As a member of this team, I’ve had the opportunity to learn a lot about producing cosmetic formulations and the effects of PerillicActive, and been able to contribute my own knowledge.

Verena Seeger: I find it fascinating to turn science into specific consumer products. My job calls for sound scientific work as well as the creativity to develop attractive, marketable cosmetic formulations with the potential to be offered for sale from chemist’s shelves later on.

BRAIN: How did you end up working for this project?

Julia Hübner: Since I joined BRAIN, I have been working in the team that develops the active perilla ingredients. The expertise in microbiology that I acquired at PFI in Pirmasens makes this a perfect match for me.

Verena Seeger: Working on formulations with active ingredients from in vitro screening and developing cosmetic end products have been among my main tasks ever since I joined BRAIN. In our BioActives Development unit, we develop PerillicActive and other natural substances for cosmetic applications. My training as a pharmacist comes in very handy in that respect.

Julia Hübner

Julia Hübner completed training as a biology laboratory technician in the BASF Group in 2013, in cooperation with PFI (Test and Research Institute) Pirmasens. Her work at PFI focused on microbiology. She joined the BRAIN PerillicActive development programme and microbiology platform in 2013. Since 2017, she has also been supporting a research project to improve microbial production strains.

Verena Seeger

After passing the state examination in pharmacy at Johann Wolfgang Goethe University in Frankfurt in 2009, Verena Steeger obtained her licence to practice as a pharmacist in 2010. She spent the first half of her year of practical training at Beiersdorf AG in Hamburg and the second half in the pharmacy where she worked up until 2012. She joined BRAIN in January 2013 to support the BioActives Development unit.

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