Natural freshness based on
fermented orange oil


BRAIN PerillicActive

Natural freshness based on
fermented orange oil

Quality standards to be met by consumer products are becoming ever more stringent. Consumers and political initiatives focus, e.g., on environmental and health protection, product safety, and sustainable production processes. There is also an urgent need to reduce product waste. According to estimates, one third of the food produced worldwide is thrown away.

BRAIN is playing its part in finding solutions to these challenges by developing bioactive natural substances for industrial use. These efforts are based on BRAIN’s BioArchive which includes extensive libraries of natural compounds, courtesy of AnalytiCon Discovery.

BRAIN’s PerillicActive development programme centers around bioactive constituents of the edible plant Perilla frutescens. BRAIN has harnessed the properties of the perilla plant constituents by using biotechnological processes. The starting material is an oil gained from orange peel, a natural raw material to be found in the waste stream of fruit juice production. A soil microorganism converts the orange oil into bioactive ingredients that can be processed for a variety of applications.

PerillicActive properties offer benefits in many market segments. They protect products against decay and infestation, keep them fresh and in line with standards of hygiene so they can be stored and enjoyed longer.

BRAIN PerillicActive…

  • is a BRAIN programme designed to develop natural freshness and product stability based on fermented oil from orange peel or other citrus fruits.

  • can satisfy the growing demand for natural and sustainably produced bioactives.

  • solutions may be used in a whole range of market segments such as food and animal feed, medical products, paints and varnishes, freshness retainers, cleaning agents, toiletries and further household products.

  • is based on the anti-microbial properties of ingredients from the edible perilla plant, which has been used in food preparation for many generations, particularly in Asia.

  • is a product portfolio containing virtually 100 % pure ingredients as well as microbially fermented extracts with an active ingredient concentration of around 90 %, depending on the requirements of the respective application segment.

  • preceded the FRESCO development programme, in which BRAIN has now identified several hundreds of additional candidates, whose advantageous effects have already been pre-characterized, and are available for further develop­ment in a variety of industrial applications.

The aim is to develop the right formulations and market the bioactive ingredients portfolio together with industrial partners.

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