In the age of Facebook and consorts, the networking concept would appear limited to the superficial confirmation of virtual contacts. That is not the case at BRAIN. Here, the consistent building of multilateral relationships between academia and industry is part of our company’s philosophy. The focus is on direct contact with partners and on interaction. In the highly specialised biotech setting, the aim is to harness and expand synergies and bring them to life.

Living networks

Linking expertise from different disciplines gives rise to new ideas, projects and products. 

The resulting innovations are of benefit not just to the people who are directly involved in the network, but to society in general. Knowledge is expanded, workplaces with potential for the future are created, and progress and growth are fostered. The network is not an end in itself, but a means to establish a creative cycle that promotes professional and personal exchanges and triggers innovations.

BRAIN alumni activities

Participants at the second BRAIN Alumni Meeting

As part of the company’s 25th anniversary, BRAIN AG invited all former scholarship holders to the second BRAIN Alumni Meeting. Around 85 former students, supervisors and university teachers met in June 2018 in Zwingenberg to discuss scientific, professional and private careers. In short presentations, some of the guests reported on a wide range of current research areas. The considerable diversity of curricula vitae and wealth of experience encourages BRAIN AG to consolidate and expand the alumni network. Interaction with alumni is a valuable resource for the development of new scientific ideas and concepts as well as for coping with current social challenges.