Cooperating with BRAIN

BRAIN offers R&D cooperation arrangements and strategic partnerships as well as exclusive licensing agreements for all phases of identifying new enzymes and biological actives, through to the development of applications and production.

R&D cooperation arrangements

With its technology package that has been validated in over 99 industrial cooperation arrangements and partnerships with market leaders such as BASF, Ciba, Clariant, Evonik Degussa, DSM, Genencor, Henkel, Nutrinova, RWE, Sandoz, Schering, Südzucker, Symrise and other partners who have not yet been published, BRAIN offers innovative solutions that provide partners with proprietary applications and products, thus contributing to the strategic value of their product lines.

Joint development agreements

In addition to classical R&D cooperation models, BRAIN also offers the opportunity to carry out a previously agreed programme together with the industrial partner in a joint research and development approach. This is of benefit to both partners. On the one hand, this spreads the development risk and related costs across two sets of shoulders, and on the other, it allows both partners to share their joint market success.


In recent years, BRAIN has come up with a large number of interesting technical solutions for various market participants. Patent applications have already been filed for the majority of these solutions. Some have trade secret status. Interested companies can ask BRAIN’s Corporate Development unit about the solutions that are available for licencing. Fact sheets or patents, if already granted, can be provided at short notice on the individual solutions.

Interested in cooperating with BRAIN?

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