Cultural involvement

Just like art itself, a technology company is firmly embedded in society and its creative processes. So a living and creative corporate culture that relies on the innovative power of its stakeholders is an important factor for the company’s success. BRAIN’s cultural activities should therefore be seen not as a form of patronage or philanthropy, but as judicious involvement that enables exchanges and broadens our horizons.

Creative dialogue

“On the one hand, this art is visible and accessible to all employees every day, rather than being relegated to purely representative rooms or hidden away in a safe. On the other hand, the collected photographic works typically make direct reference to work processes at our company, to the natural sciences, the building’s architecture and of course the people who work at BRAIN, and the places where they live and work in the Bergstrasse region and the Rhine/Main area,” says Dr Holger Zinke of BRAIN’s cultural involvement.

Breadth of cultural topics

BRAIN focuses on three areas that are typical of the company itself: evolution, architecture and young talent, especially from the field of photography.

Young talent

Architectural model by pupils in the architecture working group at Starkenburg high school in Heppenheim

Young, talented, award-winning! Young artists meet creative scientists. Both groups need a keen eye and a sensitive touch to nail down a moment or an observation. This presents photographers and scientists with a similar challenge in their everyday work. It is interesting to see how these groups benefit from and inspire each other. The creative minds supported by BRAIN and the collected artistic works relate directly to work processes at the company, to the natural sciences, the building’s architecture, and of course to the people who work at BRAIN.

Discussion platform

The first “sympcursion”

In 2016, BRAIN staged the first “sympcursion”, a portmanteau which combines the two terms of a scientific symposium and an excursion. The evening before the event, participants and entrepreneurs from the Bergstrasse region met for a keynote address by Kai Jannek (Z-Punkt, Cologne), who specialises in researching the future. In his address, he ventured an outlook into the future, and outlined to his audience the shape of things to come. The day after the sympcursion, an interdisciplinary gathering presented and discussed current research projects. By the end of the event, participants were of the unanimous opinion that it would not be the last of its kind.

Kunst privat! art initiative

Kunst privat! exhibition at BRAIN

For many years BRAIN has been participating in the Kunst privat! art initiative launched by the Hessian Ministry of Economics, Energy, Transport and Regional Development. The works of selected young artists that refer to the company’s operations are exhibited on BRAIN’s premises and made accessible to the public on guided tours. The artists are generally available for in-depth discussions during the exhibition. Selected exhibits remain on show for a longer period, and accompany BRAIN staff throughout their working day. BRAIN thus offers a constant platform for a productive exchange between science and art.

German Citizen Award 2015

The German Citizen Award, was awarded for the thirteenth time in 2015. Under this year’s motto “Cultural Life – Expanding Horizons” there were more than 2,300 entries from projects and people in five different categories. The biotechnology company BRAIN AG and its founder Dr. Holger Zinke were awarded 2nd prize in the “Committed Business” category.