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BRAIN AG wins new long-term oriented investor by way of a capital increase

BRAIN achieves notable top- and bottom-line improvements in the first nine months 2016/17

Strong demand for BRAIN shares from institutional investors

Scientific study proves high dental treatment costs due to excessive sugar consumption

BRAIN AG receives prestigious design and creativity award for first post-IPO annual report

Successful conclusion of joint BRAIN AG and BASF SE research project

Global beverage company has joined DOLCE

BRAIN AG and Roquette successfully complete research collaboration

Kunst privat! bei der BRAIN AG zum Thema „Lebensräume“

BRAIN on growth track in the first half-year 2016/17

BRAIN nominated for Gold Award in Europe’s biggest competition for content-driven communication

NatLifE 2020 Alliance Partners Look Back On Successful Year At 2017 Annual Meeting

BRAIN AG expands patent protection for Aurase® enzyme for the treatment of chronic wounds

BRAIN AG successfully concludes first Annual General Meeting as a stock listed company

BRAIN shows stable start into fiscal year 2016/17

Free Float of BRAIN share successfully increased

BRAIN proposes Supervisory Board candidates for election at its Annual General Meeting

BRAIN publishes annual report and confirms preliminary financials for fiscal year 2015/16

BRAIN announces preliminary financials for fiscal year 2015/16

The Future is uncertain. For the moment.

CEO of BRAIN AG nominated as „Entrepreneur of the Year 2016“

Two major food categories have joined DOLCE

ZeroCarbFP Strategic Alliance Given Go-Ahead After Successful Interim Review

BRAIN AG appoints experienced corporate finance specialist to the Board of Management

Changes in the BRAIN Management Board

BRAIN presented with the Werkbund Label 2016 Award

BRAIN shows stable business performance in the first nine months 2015/16

Strategic partnership for the development of next generation natural sweeteners

BRAIN granted key patent in the United States

Wound dressings made from bacterial alginate

BRAIN reaches important milestone in strategic partnership with DIANA Pet Food

BRAIN and PS Biotech announce cooperation on biotechnological process optimization

Kunst privat! bei BRAIN: Transformation in Kunst und Wissenschaft!

BRAIN continues to demonstrate a solid business performance in the first half year 2015/16

BRAIN congratulates its NatLifE 2020 Partner Merck for Innovation Award

BRAIN and Südzucker cooperate in the field of CO2 utilisation by microorganisms

BRAIN IPO: End of the stabilisation period and exercise of the Greenshoe Option

NatLifE 2020 Strategic Alliance Given Go-Ahead After Successful Interim Review

BRAIN successfully enters into fiscal year 2015/16

BRAIN share successfully starts trading

Adhoc News: BRAIN AG sets IPO price at 9 Euros per share

BRAIN AG sets IPO price range

Award for Innovative Water Treatment Solutions

BRAIN AG announces Intention to Float

BRAIN honoured with German Citizen Award 2015

BRAIN AG Enlarges Management Board

BRAIN nominated for German Citizen Award 2015

High-tech process optimisation in biogas plants

Health Economical Impacts of Nutrition-Related Diseases

BRAIN and WeissBioTech announce joint research collaboration

BRAIN panels decide on next steps for the continuation of the industrialization strategy

BRAIN founder Dr. Holger Zinke presented with the Greifswald Research Award 2015

BRAIN and DIANA Pet Food enter into a strategic partnership in cat taste science

CRISPR DFG research group visits BRAIN

Successful Research in NatLifE 2020

How to use wastewater differently?

BRAIN and WeissBioTech join forces

BRAIN and FUCHS Europe in partnership to produce lubricants from renewable raw materials

BRAIN in partnership with AnalytiCon Discovery

BRAIN AG as an industrial alliance partner in the French-German research programme “EcoMetals”

Biotechnological extraction of rare earths: BRAIN cooperates with Seltenerden Storkwitz

BRAIN takes over anti-bitter patents and utility patent portfolio from BASF

Research Alliance for the microbial production and application of biopolymers

BRAIN honored with German Design Award 2014


BRAIN CEO Dr. Holger Zinke appointed to the EU Commission Bioeconomy Panel

Economic-political exchange between BRAIN and the political party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen

BRAIN congratulates cosmetics partner Monteil on Innovation Award for PERLANCE BLANC PUR series

BRAIN honored as „Hidden Champion 2013“

BRAIN Research Alliance NatLifE 2020 started First Innovation Alliance to receive approval letter

BRAIN receives the 2013 iF communication design award

BRAIN successfully concludes comprehensive research programme

BRAIN expands its IP portfolio to include bioactive anti-skin aging cosmetics ingredient

BRAIN announces €60m round of financing to expand its buy-and-build strategy

BRAIN publication Blickwinkel receives DDC Award for Outstanding Corporate Communications

BRAIN appointed to the Economic- and Futureboard of Hesse

Minister of Economic Affairs guest at BRAIN in Zwingenberg

Evonik Industries and BRAIN co-operate

AutoBio-Verbund entwickelt effizienzsteigernde Technologien für automatisierte Bioprozesse

BioEconomy: BMBF supports three innovation alliances IWBio network

BRAIN to lead the NatLifE 2020 Industrial Innovation Alliance

Kunst privat! at BRAIN: Young and excellent!

BRAIN Wins Patent for Biological Wound Conditioning

Refined Understanding of Human Taste and Taste Modulation

Strategic Partnership between BRAIN AG and Wilde Cosmetics GmbH

Flue gas as a raw material – Newly discovered micro-organisms utilise CO2 particularly well

BRAIN and Autodisplay Biotech cooperate

IntInternational Summer School – A scientific platform for the next generation of researchers

Otto von Guericke-Preis für biotechnologische Herstellung von Perillasäure

Dr. Holger Zinke honored with Treviranus-Medaille

Biologenverband zeichnet Dr. Holger Zinke mit der Treviranus-Medaille aus

Nachwuchsförderung mit Modellcharakter

BRAIN founder Dr. Holger Zinke honoured with IBN-Award

BioÖkonomie: IWBio-Mitglieder konzipieren fünf Innovationsallianzen für die Weiße Biotechnologie

BRAIN wird von der Hessischen Landesregierung für kulturelles Engagement ausgezeichnet

BRAIN and DECHEMA cooperate in the biotechnological production of perillic acid

Innovationen sind Wachstums- und Beschäftigungstreiber

Wege in die Zukunftsbranche Biotechnologie

DSM and BRAIN cooperate in the biotechnological production of water-soluble vitamins