BRAIN is one of Europe’s leading technology companies in the field of industrial or “white” biotechnology.

The company harnesses biological diversity – “Toolbox of Nature” – to develop innovative solutions and products for successful applications in chemistry and in the cosmetics and food industries.

The company

Ever since its inception in 1993, BRAIN has set the pace in the field of white biotechnology, which the EU Commission considers one of the key technologies of the 21st century.

BRAIN’s business model rests on two pillars:

BioSciences: strategic cooperation

Together with strategic partners from the target industry, BRAIN on the basis of exclusive license agreements in R&D cooperation programs has identified previously untapped, efficient enzymes, microbial producer organisms or natural substances from complex biological systems that can be put to industrial use. The company aims to replace classical chemical and industrial processes with novel and resource-saving processes, and to establish new processes and products.

BioIndustrial: the development of our own products

The industrialization strategy, which was successfully launched in 2010 as the company’s second pillar of operation next to the co-operation business, has been expanded successfully with an established M&A strategy. It permits BRAIN AG to access the BRAIN Group’s entire value chain of different lucrative markets, from the identification of biological solutions and their development to their implementation in the target industries. Currently, the BRAIN Group consists of the following companies, all of which operate successfully in the market:
Analyticon Discovery GmbH
Biocatalysts Limited
L.A. Schmitt GmbH Chem.-Kosmetische Fabrik
WeissBioTech GmbH.

Its comprehensive technology portfolio makes BRAIN one of Europe’s “technology gatekeepers”. With its cross-disciplinary approach, the company builds a bridge between different technical fields and provides valuable products for bio-based industry and the consumer market.

As an organism, BRAIN consists of an interdisciplinary team of highly qualified scientists, engineers and technicians. We have over 100 employees, who think and work creatively and independently, with an unwavering focus on the product and its application.

Our mission: aligning economic and political policy

The bioeconomy is the driver and core element of a sustainable growth strategy. Merging biology and technology offers an opportunity to meet global challenges. Inspired by the vision of a bio-based economy that is geared to natural material cycles, BRAIN is one of the creative players in this global transformation process.

As we make our way towards a dynamic bio-based economic system, we need a comprehensive industrialisation strategy that points the way to the future, also in the context of the national economy. The crucial factor is to gear research and development to market demand.

Political backing for this structural transformation is made evident in the affirmed will at national and European level to take successive steps towards targeted and systemic change. 
For more information on the councils that advise the individual governments: 
Bioeconomy Council der EU-Kommission, Bioökonomierat

Learning from nature: engineering biology

BRAIN is rethinking biology. The technological use of biological processes reflects the company’s core competence and philosophy. This forms the basis for our activities and guides the way to harnessing new approaches to existing problems.

Our strategy

Parallel to its focus on cooperation (BioSciences), BRAIN also develops its own products and delivers them right up to the end customer (BioIndustrial). That makes it possible to launch the company’s own innovations swiftly through established marketing channels.

Experts agree that the new economic cycle that is currently emerging will focus mainly on health, nutrition and energy, and especially on sustainable economic activity and the bioeconomy. BRAIN has been working successfully for many years to introduce bio-based processes to industry, and to create innovations. In many fields, BRAIN’s business model has been expanded from that of a technology developer to a fully integrated industrial company with manufacturing subsidiaries that each has its own access to the market. The underlying aim is to make intensive use of the economic potential offered by the transition to the new economy. The subsidiaries operate as independent units in their respective markets.

Corporate culture

As a living organism, the company thrives on the professional ambition and individual creativity of its employees. BRAIN’s innovative corporate culture opens up unconventional perspectives and enables the direct transfer of academic thinking to industrial applications.

As a transdisciplinary, integration-oriented networking company, BRAIN takes a fresh look at traditional processes. The architecture of the company’s technology campus is closely linked with its corporate culture. The Bauhaus building, classed as a historic monument, is a creative space that is the external expression of its inner order. The complex reflects BRAIN’s entrepreneurial spirit and profile.