BRAIN is one of Europe’s leading technology companies in the field of industrial or “white” biotechnology.

The BRAIN Group stands for competence, reliability and exceptional quality. BRAIN staff are dedicated to the identification, research, utilization and marketing of natural biological substances and processes for industrial use. The BRAIN Group combines various areas of industrial biotechnology expertise. R&D activities focus on sustainability, efficiency and economic viability, as well as efficacy and added quality.

The company

BRAIN has been a pioneer in the industrial biotechnology and bioeconomy areas since it was founded in 1993. Based on natural biodiversity and the company’s own BioArchive, BRAIN focuses on three product categories for highly differing applications – bioactive natural compounds, customized enzymes and high-performance microorganisms. For applications in Nutrition & Health, Skin Care and Industrial BioSolutions BRAIN has established corresponding business units.
The BRAIN Group unites first-class research and development work, specific production know-how and access to attractive markets under one roof. All of the subsidiaries within the BRAIN Group act as independent entities in the fields of research and development, process development and production, or as service providers in specific markets. Next to the parent company BRAIN AG, five subsidiaries have been integrated since 2009:

Analyticon Discovery GmbH
Biocatalysts Limited
L.A. Schmitt GmbH Chem.-Kosmetische Fabrik
WeissBioTech GmbH.

In addition, the US subsidiary BRAIN LLC exists. For future Skin Care product business based on the Aurase® enzyme developed by BRAIN the company SolasCure Ltd. has been founded.


Since 2008 BRAIN has been pursuing an industrialization and growth strategy with its own pipeline projects along the value chain. The aim is to establish the BRAIN Group as a fully integrated bioeconomy company. Acquisitions of companies with special R&D expertise or attractive market access form part of the growth strategy.
To implement its growth strategy, the company prioritizes realizing product-scalable business options. These are based on direct B2B sales of BRAIN Group offerings as well as products developed together with industrial partners, along with subsequent licensed marketing. The development of tailor-made solutions for industrial partners on the basis of research performance compensation forms a further business option for BRAIN.