BRAIN focuses on sustainable products and processes for industry applications in Nutrition & Health, Skin Care und Industrial BioSolutions.

Industrial biotechnology is a driver of innovation in the transition from a petroleum-based economy to a knowledge-based bioeconomy. Biotechnologies enable the efficient harnessing of natural resources and enable completely new solutions that seemed unthinkable just a few years ago. It opens up previously unknown value creation paths. More than 50 countries have now launched research and development initiatives for the bioeconomy. In large parts of the world, the bioeconomy is regarded as one of the most important growth topics for the 21st century.

Market Segments

BRAIN translates its expertise in relation to biological systems into industrial applications for the market segments of Nutrition & Health, Skin Care and Industrial BioSolutions. To strengthen its market and product orientation, BRAIN established the corresponding business units.

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Nutrition & Health

The Nutrition & Health business unit focuses on healthier nutrition and improved animal welfare, and currently addresses the following market segments:

  • Food & Beverages: natural compounds for calorie reduction and other beneficial properties of foods and beverages, as well as related improved processing
  • Feed: bio-based feed additives for farm animals
  • Pet Food: bio-based feed additives for pets
  • Pharmaceuticals: bioactive agents for new drug formulations (realized by AnalytiCon Discovery GmbH)

Industrial BioSolutions

The Industrial BioSolutions business unit utilizes natural resources to optimize industrial processes and currently addresses the following market segments:

  • Green Mining: bio-based extraction of valuable metals from ores
  • Urban Mining: bio-based extraction of valuable metals from waste flows
  • CO2-based Intermediates: bioplastics based on carbon dioxide

Skin Care

The Skin Care business unit identifies natural active ingredients for skin and wound care. It addresses the following market segments at present:

  • Personal Care: bio-based aluminum-free antiperspirants and deodorants
  • Cosmetics: natural compounds for gentle skin care and cosmetics, as well as product stability
  • Wound Care: biological wound treatment based on the Aurase® enzyme (realized by SolasCure Ltd.)

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